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-- a 10 memorial day services at arlington national cemetery. -- attend a memorial day services at arlington national cemetery. >> the president is in chicago r for in &r -- for some r and r. some people are giving him a hard time and others say it is no big deal. democrats the freedom we have -- >> we have our freedoms year. >> it is a healing process. >> she rode her harley from toledo, ohio, and she takes issue with the fact that the president has decided not to be here. >> i think it says something to those who did not come back. [playing taps] >> he has chosen not to attend at memorial day service. he arrived in chicago to spend the holiday weekend with friends and family. >> he should have been here. >> some veterans say the commander in chief is showing a tremendous lack of respect. >> it comes down to showing respect. i'm disappointed. >> some believe the outrage is politically motivated. >> he should be with his family. honestly. we seem to think people are superhuman in some jobs, but we are all the human. >> it has never been such a big deal in the past when other pre
the overnight hours in the district and arlington, alexandria. plent yes of sunshine to enjoy. but head to the south and west, a much different situation starting to shape up. we have a flash flood watch in effect for parts of the area as we head over the graphic. we will show you where it's located, madison, paige and hardy. this is for the overnight hours into tomorrow. for the immediate metro area, showers will develop after midnight as temperatures fall into the 50's. coming up, we will talk about how much rain we can expect and we will have the complete forecast. >> all right, also coming up on abc 7 news, funeral services at arlington national cemetery. tonight's working woman shares her personal commitment to the fallen heroes. also ahead, a new proposal could change the world in alexandria. >> there is a new proposal to protect man's best friend. an ordinance being considered in alexandria will limit how long a dog could be tied up. leann carter joins us now. >> here in old town alexandria, we have seen a number of dogs, many of them with their owners walking along the water whi
much. and i miss you very much. i am looking for you. >> i'm dave in arlington, where police have arrested a former soccer coach and have accused him of having sex with a child more than ten years ago. >> he abused this one victim numerous times. >> arlington county police say 47-year-old shown a pattern of sexual abuse, involving one boy between 11 and 13 years old. >> he coached soccer for five years in arlington, and possibly other locations. >> lewis met the child when he coached for the crystal city soccer club between 1998 and 2003. while not connected with the school system, the club served children who lived in the boundaries for middle school and oak ridge elementary. >> he has come into contact with numerous other juveniles, which we believe could be victims. >> and arlington county police are worried there may be other victims, since luis worked as a soccer coach. if you have any information, call arlington police. 228-4242. >>> virginia's athletic director says the mens and women's lacrosse teams will finish their seasons. despite a member of the men's team stands
tasered by arlington police is speaking out. and they're raising serious questions about what went down. >>> hello. i'm maureen umeh. the man was stunned by a taser inside an apartment early yesterday morning. tonight his family wants answers. roz plater live in the newsroom with the story you'll see only on fox 5. >> reporter: maureen, the family of that man says he was a security guard at an embassy. a 32-year-old husband and father of a 3-year-old daughter. they claim he had just been treated at a hospital hours before, information they say they passed on to both police and paramedics. tonight they're asking why was he tasered. >> reporter: the family and friends say the 32-year-old security guard became distraught after learning his father had been hospitalized back home in morocco. until then they say everything had seemed pretty normal. >> we were a happy family. he always take care of his daughter. he had no mental problems. >> reporter: his family says they took him to the hospital on thursday. doctors told him his blood pressure was high and prescribed some medication to help c
to mark memorial day are planned all across our region, including the relaying at arlington cemetery. brianne carter shows us why this holiday means so much to so many people. >> we have seen a number of members of the military so at arlington national cemetery ahead of the event. behind me there is a flight already at half mast. a number of military officials in preparation for the event is getting underway at 11:00 this morning. -- if there is a flag flying at half mast already. they're honoring the fallen troops. >> ♪ >> all across the country today people will pause to honor those who have served and those who never made it home. >> for people like me, veteran's day celebrates soldiers, veterans. memorial day is solemn, it's a lot different. it's a reverential day. >> a number of events are planned around washington region, including a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. at the vietnam veterans memorial, a ceremony will pay tribute to six servicemen whose names were recently added to the wall, bringing the number to more than 58,000
alrededor de las 3:45, en la cuadra 1800 de la calle north scott en arlington... la victima --una mujer joven-- forcejeo con el atacante y este escapo del area... el sospechoso es descrito como un hombre hispano de piel blanca, de unos 20-anos de edad, de aproximadamente unos 5-pies 7- pulgados de altura y unas 160-libras de peso.. cabello corto color cafe... vestia una chaqueta negra tipo concinero, con letras blancas en el pecho...cualquier informacion se este incidente o el sospechoso reportarla al numero de telefono 703- 228 4240... docenas de miembros de las pandillas bloods y latin kings fueron arrestados durante uno de los operativos mas grandes realizados por las autoridades federales en la ciudad de nueva york.. mas de 300 agentes fuertemente armados y policias locales redaron las viviendas y detuvieron a 78 sospechosos.. sesenta pertenecian a los bloods y 18 a los latin kings.. la mayoria enfrentan cargos por trafico de drogas. un juezde alexandria ha pedido n adolescente de 14 -anos permanesca detenido luego que la policia lo acusara de disparar con un rifle contra un auto
at arlington national cemetery have been decorated in time for memorial day. hundreds of service members are honored to be part of a special service. >> we just have a few minutes left to call in and benefit from the expertise of these good folks here from reston hospital center. tell us what you do. you have a very special job. >> my role at the hospital is to guide patients from their initial biopsy through their surgery, treatment, and into survivorship. when you were diagnosed with breast cancer, you face many challenges. my goal is to help patients alleviate some of those stressors so they can focus on getting well. i can help with information, education, financial assistance, and support services. i will be the contact person. >> give us a call, we have just a little more time here. >> two dogs poison in their own backyards are dead. someone gave them tainted meat balls in their yard in centreville. they ate the unknown poison and died. the meatballs were also discovered in a third guard. >> i just want everybody to know to be really aware of what is going on in your neighborhood.
. all of the victims appeared to have suffered non-life threatening injuries. >>> police in arlington on a hunt for a dangerous predator. this after two attacks blocks apart. one was on wilson boulevard and now detectives believe this same man may be responsible and say his clothing may be a clue. this is a sketch police released of a suspect in the first assault. he was wearing a black jacket when he forced a woman to the ground and try to put his hands down her pants. >> oh, my god. >> even more concerning is a man matching the same description wearing a white jacket grabbed a woman walking behind this stretch of restaurants and assaulting her before she fought back he. >> i just moved to this area and that is terrifying. >> but the victims were women in their 20's, leaving this area on edge. >> there are a lot of 20- something women walking around. >> arlington police are asking you to take a good look at this picture. >>> we are on storm watch as conditions are a little bit dreary out there. the rain may not be over. >> our weather team is on top of it with doug hill. >> there are
at other conditions. you'll notice the general trend being around 50. 49 walkersville. 49 at arlington. 56 at falls church. calm wind pretty much everywhere. today's forecast, a lot of sunshine, a few clouds. high temperatures in the low 80's with allied southerly wind at 5-10. not much will change tomorrow. there's a slight chance of a late day thundershower tomorrow afternoon. that will be few and far between. comfortable for the rest of the week and cooling into the weekend. >> comfortable right now as far as travel around the beltway. nothing major to report on the way to the beltway or into the district. 95 in virginia, we are giving you the travel times in your favor, but heavier volume between fredericksburg and springfield. nothing complicated on 66. a little slowdown expected in centreville. we will go to the geico camera of the beltway in montgomery, looks gorgeous at new hampshire ave. i am alison starling. --alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> the teenager who on to the field in philadelphia, an officer used a taser to stop the young man. the police chief feels the officer acted
, dozens of mementos are left at the grave sites of soldiers here at arlington national cemetery. i'm peggy fox. coming up, a new program that's trying to save them. Ñú/xx . >> metro's board of directors unanimously approved the biggest fare increase in the system's history. the maximum fare per subway ride is $5 one way. parking fees will stay at $4.50. maryland and virginia's board members objected to a 50 cent hike. bus fares will jump a quarter to $1.50. advocates say the hike will hurt the city's poorest residents. >> these are really huge hikes for our kids. it is not easy for them to muster. it's between choosing getting on the bus and going to school or feeding a baby. >> and for the first time, people who ride the rails at the peak of more than and evening rush hour will pay a 20 cent surcharge. board members add that they only set aside the bare minimum for preventive maintenance. >>> if you ride the west end of metro's orange line, then you should prepare for delays for the next three weekends. starting tonight, there will be no orange line rail service between the east falls
arlington... claudia uceda, nos dice que no es la primera vez que una persona muere en esta situacion... esta arma de descarga electrica le causo la muerte a un hombre esta madrugada en este complejo de apartamentos en la concurrida avenida columbia pike en arlington "respondimos a una llamada de emergencia psiquiatrica, cuando llegamos confrontamos al individuo, tratamos de hablar con el pero el no obedecia y estaba combativo.." dijo la policia no quizo decir si el hombre estaba armado debido a que el incidente esta bajo investigacion pero si aclararon que hasta el momento todo parece indicar que el oficial no uso el ecceso de fuerza.... "cuando los oficiales llegaron el no tenia ropa y estaba aturdido...los familiares nos pidieron ayuda.. dijo." pero este incidente no habria sido el unico a principios de este ano, en enero, otro oficial de la policia de arlington volvio a usar la arma y tambien termino en la muerte de otra persona la policia dice que desde enero sus ofi
once tendremos mas de la encuesta.. cristal city, en arlington recibira una millonaria infusion para impulsar un ambicioso plan de revitalizacion..alfredo miranda nos dice de que se trata... ....el rostro de crystal city podria cambiar sustancialmente durante los proximos cinco años, debido a un proyecto del condado de arlington. tenemos mucho entuasiasmo que este es uno de nuestros proyectos mas importantes que va a tener su efecto positivo en los proximos treinta cincuenta aÑos, y estamos planeando un proceso en crystal city, donde vamos a revivir la ciudad para pues crear un nuevo ambiente con bastantes peatones y mas vida en las calles. la inversion de 90 millones de dolares con los que se pretende alcanzar este objetivo, vendra del gobierno local estatal y federal asi como de contribuciones privadas.esta inversion tendra un impacto en la comunidad hispana. nos parece muy bien que nos den oportunidades mejores para progresar parece una buena idea no?, porque creemos que con estos
with an undisclosed amount of cash. nobody was hurt. police still looking for the suspects. >>> and in arlington, a man dressed all in black and carrying a silver handgun apparently tried to rob a hotel. this one happened just after 2:00 a.m. at the crystal gateway marriott. employees say that man jumped the front counter and they ran away. nobody was hurt and the man is still out there somewhere. >>> and we have new information tonight in that centerville murder mystery. 39-year-old jose was a father of two from guatemala. he worked as the handyman at the mansion where he was killed. two suspects were trying to rob the home when they were confronted by the family and other family members. suspects fled and may have had a get away vehicle that looked like this white pickup. >> there may have been a late model toyota pickup that was seen in the area of bay valley lane in compton road. there was a person seen getting into it and crouching down underneath a tarp. >> the witness thought that didn't look quite right and called the police. the suspects are two black males in their 20s. both 5-foot 1
of "news4 at 5:00." >>> in arlington tonight, police arrested a former soccer coach accused of sexual assault on a child. police say that 47-year-old luis hoil is a former coach with the crystal city soccer club. they say he lived in arlington for nearly two decades now. tonight he's behind bars after police say he acted inappropriately with one child. there could be other victims. news4's john schriffen is live in arlington with more on this story. john? >> reporter: here in arlington, youth socker is a very popular sport. over 4500 youngsters are signed up with the arlington soccer association. many of those parents we spoke to tonight are stunned after learning a former coach within the organization was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his former players. according to police back in 1998, luis hoil was a volunteer soccer coach with the crystal city soccer club. he was in charge of teaching the game to young children. today 47-year-old hoil is behind bars after arlington police arrested him for allegedly sodomizing one of the youngsters over ten years ago. >> ten ye
of memorial day ceremony. first at the arlington national cemetery, later president obama at the abraham national cemetery in the amyloid. >> this treaty is an evolution of agreements the comeback to the 1970's. particularly of the series of start agreements that started in the reagan administration and continued in some form in every subsequent administration. >> watched the moments that make history right now online at the c-span video library. washington your way, every program since 1987 available free online. [applause] d>> barbara bush, the daughter of president bush and laura bush, made a speech recently about help corps. at the national press club. >> i wanted to thank a few of the friends who have helped us. gene case, she has supported us from the very beginning. thank you, gene. charlie hill is one of our other co-founders. he is representing google at the national geographic spelling bee today. geeta gupta has been instrumental, sitting in the back and i am thrilled that she could make it. lastly i wanted to thank my sister, who is ironically now a member of the club. to my s
area including a wreath laying cemetery at arlington cemetery. this holiday means so much to so many people. now to brianne carter. >> the replay will begin around 11:00 a.m. this morning. it is one of many events planned. there will be a public wreath laying at a world war ii museum and the parade today to honor the fallen troops. >> ♪ >> all across the country today and people work hard to honor those who served and those who never home. >> veterans day it celebrates the soldiers. memorial day is a lot different. it is a solemn, reverential data. >> a number of events in the washington region will go on including a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national. the vietnam veterans memorial will have a ceremony to pay tribute to six servicemen whose names were recently added to the wall, now 58,000. >> i looked at it as another holiday before. it a day off from school. now i understand it a lot more. ♪ josÉ can use the ♪ last night thousands took in a star-studded event on this memorial day weekend. >> we wanted to celebrate memorial day and
in washington, into the mid-80s now in prince george's county. arlington, fair tax, montgomery county as well into the mid-80s and it is into the 80s throughout much of the region. it should climb perhaps another 6 degrees or so into the low 90s by midafternoon. all these areas in green are already a flood watch for late this afternoon and this evening. we could have very slow-moving thunderstorms with torrential downpours, causing localized flooding in the district of columbia, arlington, fairfax, montgomery, prince george's as well as howard and up around baltimore. the heat is out of the eastern shore, too, already into the 80s there. it's still pleasant in the mountains. we did have a cluster of thunderstorms roll through new england along the front that will be approaching us. that will be sweeping in this afternoon and giving us a chance for thunderstorms to develop. late afternoon. before that we should make it into the low 90s. there is a risk some of severe storms, isolated storms could produce damaging winds, hail, as well as flooding rain. i'll have the details on that. we take a l
continue this morning with a solemn ceremony at arlington national ceremony. "9 news" reporter, jessica droid doyle is live there with more. >> reporter: america will pay tribute to those who gave their lives in the line of duty, president obama is in chicago, participating part of the memorial day event at abraham lincoln national cemetery, outside of chicago. this has garn ared a little controversy. some veterans groups and critics are saying the president should be the one that lays the wreath at arlington national cemetery later today. instead, vice president joe biden will precede over ceremonies at the tomb of the unknown. supporters say it doesn't matter where he par 'tis tates if an event honoring the dead, as long as he participates. >> we are here to remember those prisoners of war, missing in action, you have to remember this, they are still veterans, no country, no government, no citizen, no president has the right to abandon that. >> my brother was over in vietnam. i'm a vietnam vet. i know the hurt it caused my mother. she died with pain in her heart for losing her son. >>
arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: good morning, we are at arlington national cemetery. i want to show you the picture here, a picture perfect morning as the sun rises over washington. you can see part of the 60,000 graves, all bearing a flag, today as america gets ready to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty. president obama will spend part of his memorial day at abraham lincoln cemetery, out of chicago. the move has become somewhat controversial with some critics saying the president should be the one who lays the wreath at arlington national cemetery. supporters of the president say it doesn't matter where he spends his memorial day as long as he is participating in a memorial day event. he will be laying wreaths at the abraham lincoln cemetery. >> we are lear to remember those prisoners of war and missing in action. no country, no government, no citizen, no president has the right to abandon that. >>> i'm a vietnam vet. i know the hurt it caused my mother. she died with pain in her heart. >> people we are honoring can't be here. somebody has to show up and
are still looking for a man who is preying on women in arlington. the second time on friday night in the 2000 block of wilson boulevard. a woman was walking behind a restaurant. the man grabbed her and groped her. she was able to fight him off. police have now release add sketch of the suspect. this sketch. they think they is the same man who attacked back on may 8 at an apartment building in the 1800 block of north scott street. in that case he attacked a woman in a pool house bathroom. >>> three men are in the hospital after a shooting in capital heights near the intersection of benning road and marlboro pike. police were called to the area around 7:00 last night for a report of a shooting. when they arrived they found three men shot. all three are expected to survive. police have no suspects. >>> in the district police are looking for the driver who hit a young person and kept going. this happened last night in the 4600 block of cane place northeast. a white vehicle was driving and struck a juvenile walking in the area. the driver fled. the young person was taken to a local hos
. >> a man is dead this morning after falling off the roof of an arlington apartment complex. the man fell yesterday afternoon from the high rise in the 100 block of north taft street. he might have been walking his dog on the roof and fell when he was trying to get a ball from the edge. the dog was still on the roof. no word on who the victim is and whether he lived in that apartment building. >> investigators say they know what caused the eastern market fire. it was an accident. an electrical problem caused the market to burn to the ground three years ago. they are trying to put to rest rumors that something more sinister was at work. >> reporter: the report find the april 2007 fire that devastated the 137-year-old eastern market and kept it closed for two years was not deliberately set. >> at this-foot case of the eastern market is closed and will go into the books officially as an electrically caused fire. >> reporter: according to the document summarizing the lengthening investigation, cardboard boxes fed the blaze. there was speculation it was related to a series of dumpster fires. t
to hear her speak. and we will head to arlington for the end of an error for an arlington main stay. >>> chuck, more sunshine? >> we have a little rain on the way and flash flood watches extended into parts of the shenandoah valley, check the back-to-work and school forecast in a few minutes. >>> hakem what do you have in sport? >> the capitals poised to mick a major announcement, so the nats, big news of their own. on the field, the warm weather brings the heat from nats' pitcher scott olson. news4 at six continues. -sure. -than. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome," but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet, and phone for just $99.99 a month guaranteed for two years! this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers w
spill in our area. we will show you how, coming up. >> now, let's go to arlington national cemetery on this memorial day. we take time to remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> in honor of loved ones lost to war and conflict, they lined constitution avenue. >> it is nice to see all the people who came out today to help celebrate. >> we are the greatest country in the world. >> across the river at arlington national cemetery, a quiet reflection. the vice president walked solemnly through the grades -- graves, and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> our men and women in uniform know full well that the promise and peril of this time have never been greater. >> president obama was scheduled to preside over a tribute to the fallen in chicago today, but torrential rain and lightning forced the cancellation. >> what we would like to do is, if possible, to have people move back to their cars. >> by the dawn's early light. >> in afghanistan, where the nine year-old battle rages on, there was a poignant moment. >> he was more clear about his calling as a soldi
the country mourn, a look at one woman's emotional connection to washington at arlington national cemetery. on oprah today jada pinkett- smith and will smith and their entire fascinating >> astronauts from atlantis are in space right now. they ventured out this morning on the first spacewalk of their mission. it is six hours. there reckon to install an antenna on the international space station. it is the rest of three space walks planned for the week. >>> videogames good for the heart? could it be? for years the american heart association had a logo that appeared on packages. soon their name will appear on the nintendo wii video game system. many institutes say gaming is not the same as engaging real sports, but there's a growing body of research that suggests some benefits. it discourages activity during entertainment instead of just sitting idle. >> we can ignore the audience related to gaming or we can find a different way of engaging that audience. >> this comes with controversy. the group has admitted that nintendo did provide a $1.5 million gift as part of this exclusive relationshi
at arlington national cemetery. but every year, mourners leave all kinds of other items beside the graves of their loved ones. peggy fox takes us to section 60. >> and humvee took the brunt of the blast. >> kim didn't even know sergeant eric mcintosh, but he saved her brother's life. >> if my brother was in that humvee with him like he was supposed to, it would be him. >> whenever she is in town, she visited section 60, arlington national cemetery's primary resting place for the dead from the iraq and afghan wars. over the years, a new phenomenon has taken hold. families and friends leaving things at the grave sites. >> lt, love always, mom. >> special stones and photographs. even a bronze star, here's an invitation to a wedding and there are poems that can make you cry. >> you should be home laughing with kids or still serving his country. >> one of the larger items is this football helmet. it is actually the high school football helmet of corporal, joseph. he was killed when he was 20 years old. >> all those things were usually tossed in the trash because there was no collectio
will not visit arlington national cemetery this year. last year he did attend and -- laid a wreath at tte tomb of the unknown. instead the president will join ú%cerrmony in chicago, where he is vacationing. mr. obama will not beethe first pressdent to miss the arlington ceremony. ronald eagan missed 2 and george bush senior never attended. >> should the president take part in theememorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery? so far 91 percent saa yes. 9 percent say no. jack wriies on our website. he issthe leading representative of what memorial day should stand for. and, therefore, should show national honor to those that dieed to keep us free. >> hip hip hurray. >> a joyous day forrmore than 1000 midshipmen. now graduates of the u.s. naval3 academy out of annnpoois. vice-president joe biden congratulatted the grads, including 11 women that will mariners. and 30th anniversary of women graduating from the academy. >> this week, it seemed like spring had finally sprrug. >> yeeh, meteorologist jessica starr jjins us now. arr the warm temmeratures finally here to stay now? >> yeah. this
tambien afectara la agenda de obama para la segunda parte de su mandato... las autoridades en arlington estan investigando dos asaltos sexuales...un hombre hispano podria ser el responsable de ambos ataques a mujeres... maria rosa lucchini nos dice que estan haciendo algunas jovenes para protegerse... reportera: este hispano podria ser el culpable de dos asaltos sexuales en arlington... ambos ataques sucedieron a pocas cuadras de distancia... para esta joven.... caminar sola .... es un riesgo.... "siempre veo alrededor mio, asegurarme que ando el telefono y que tiene carga y si ando sola, se que alguien sabe a donde voy y a que hora voy a regresar" reportera: el pasado viernes 14, una mujer fue sorprendida mientras caminaba en la cuadra 2-mil de la wilson boulevard... un hombre la sostuvo por detras, mientras la tocaba inapropiadamente... ambos forcejearon... la joven logro escapar... y dos semanas antes, el ocho de mayo, otra mujer fue atacada en el baÑo del gimnasio de un complejo de apartamentos en la calle scott.... "los ataques fueron simila
a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. >>> a memorial day military aircraft involved in an accident. it was all caught on video. >>> five people shot in the district overnight. one has died. news 4 midday begins right now. >>> you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 midday. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, may 31st, 2010. today we celebrate memorial day, a day which honors all of the men and women who have died while serving this country. right now vice president joe biden is laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. you're looking live at that ceremony right now. afterwards the vice president will deliver remarks to veterans and their families at the memorial amphitheater in arlington. president obama meanwhile is spending memorial day in his hometown of chicago. the president and first family will attend the memorial day ceremony at the abraham lincoln cemetery. the obamas will return to the white house later today. this is the
. >> thanks for having me. >> a memorial day ceremony is planned -- planned for tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. they will honor servicemen and women who died while -- while serving their country. it is open to the public. it starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning. president obama will participate in a memorial day ceremony in chicago. vice president joe biden will lay the reif in arlington cemetery. the sixth annual national memorial day parade will travel around constitution avenue from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. the u.s. naval academy marching band will honor service members as well as some celebrity guests including chuck norris. for a list of activities around the area, go to our web site and enter the key word memorial day. the man accused of trying to set off a bomb in times square is better to be in court this week. tuesday will be his second court appearance. 11 others will be in pakistan in association with the case. also this week, an immigration hearing for a man in maine that had given money to shazad. the man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in fort hood is expec
, people in arlington have a proposal that would give property owners 24 hours after the snow stops falling to clear their sidewalk. if it is deeper than 6 inches, it would be extended to 36 hours. the arlington county board will hold a meeting at 7:00. >>> and getting a jump on hurricane season and city money at the same time. the sale on hurricane preparedness items starts -- and save thmoney at the same time. big-ticket items, such as generators, are exempt. >>> and drivers are being encouraged to leave their cars at home and bicycle to work. it is encouraging people to pedal their way to work. >>> d.c. united is taking on the dynamo. the national stay at home to welcome the baltimore orioles to town on friday through sunday. and on may 19 when the mets are in town, paula dean would be welcome to the park. she will be sharing cooking tips for tailgating. the best part about it? she will be throwing out the first pitch of the game and meeting with u.s. troops and their families. >>> and coming up, in the uva women's lacrosse team for the first time since a teammate is killed. >>> and you
have been fired. the military says up to three afghan civilians have been killed. >>> arlington county is considering a bill that would force arlington residents to clear their sidewalks by a certain time or face a fine. it will talk about this at a meeting tonight at 7:00. that is like what they have in d.c. >> i do not know what the time frame is. >> we can solve this if we did not have any more blizzards. >> outside it is nice. it is warm. good to be outside. let's take a look outside and show you the timeline. you could notice how it is a very blue sky alaistair. the waters are barely, as we continue to have a light breeze out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. here is a live shot. 73 in winchester. alexandria coming in at 72. 75 in college park. let's go to the maps. i want to show you what is going on. we have temperatures today that will be close to the average of 77. yesterday only at 68. not quite there. there is a system in the middle part of the country. we will watch that but it will get stirred up because of high pressure. the ohio valley area will keep this from
heroes. ceremonies an sacred ground in arlington and the skies open up on president obama. >>> good evening this memorial day. 42 days into america's worst environmental crisis ever, the company responsible may face a new threat, a crimina investigation. eric holder is heading to the gulf to meet with them. first, bp's latest plan to fix this mess. the company is gives up on trying to plug the leak so they trying to capture the oil. there is a reason they wait sod long to try it. matt. >> reporter: good evening. the procedure you just mentioned entails lopping off the pipeline and siphoning the oil at the surface. they wanted to do it a long time ago. fit fails, it could unleash more oil into the gulf of mexico. bp's risk has begun. it's a ballet of row boats and saws 5,000 feet down. right now, they are slicing through the outer casing of the pipeline. later this week, they will sever the pipe that carries the oil. when they do that, more oil will escape. the plan, to put a small cap and siphon the oil to the surface. >> if the pressure is too high for the cap to seat properly, you
winners from last year's tazed of arlington. please come out and join us this sunday, may 16 on wilson boulevard. -- taste of arlington. good morning, washington. >> normally i am not interested in a pizza at 6:30, but that looks good. >> it does. >> time for traffic and weather. >> i will be in arlington for that event. how is the weather going to be on sunday? >> perfect. great food and great weather. it's going to be a great event. that pizza looks really good. even this early in the morning. speaking of cold, it's the cool start to near 50 degrees. a few degrees below average for this time of year. if this afternoon will be 10 or maybe 15 degrees below average in the afternoon for the high temperature. we are at the west falls church metro station. a few people coming and going. gray skies above. it's going to be a cloudy day, but not very wet. just a few areas of patchy drizzle this morning. otherwise it will be dry. you don't need the umbrella today. 53 degrees here at west falls church metro station. near 50 degrees elsewhere. in arlington its 53 with gray skies. 62 degrees is t
for the metro area, including montgomery, fairfax, arlington, alexandria, falls church, d.c., prince george's, broward county, points northward up 95 as well. if thunderstorms anticipated later today will be slow moving. if it will produce heavy rainfall. the combination of heavy rain and a slow-moving storm has the potential for a flash floods today. mainly clear skies right now. cloud cover this is southward. we will have sunshine and patchy fog for the north and west of the area. the radar screen will still isn't especially after 5:00 after there could be severe thunderstorms with potentially damaging wind up to 50 miles an hour and the potential for large-scale. a lot to keep an eye on later this afternoon and evening into tonight. with the cold front this evening, we are dissipating action into the nighttime. if today's high temperature is 90 degrees, muggy. a few scattered showers likely tomorrow with a cold front moving in. temperatures and humidity will drop. it will be more comfortable. highs in the mid 70's. i think we will get our official high temperatures for tomorrow after mid
today. vice president joe biden is honoring the men and women of the military at arlington national cemetery. he took off memorial day services around the nation. last year president obama had the honor for the memorial day tradition. the vice president and his wife, jill, will take up that duty this morning, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington this morning. following the wreath ceremony, biden will deliver remarks to veterans and their families gathered at the memorial amphitheater at arlington. here at home, many joint members of american legion honor fallen soldiers. more than 1,500 boy scouts placed flags on every grey site at the baltimore national cemetery. the annual commemoration included a special service, military salute, and musical tributes. a frau arlington national cemetery, a look at a remarkable and exceptionally dedicated group of soldiers. the army's third infantry charged with protecting the tomb of the unknowns. >> and a group known as the old guard, there's something new this year. for the first time, two brothers from texas have earned the
at a house bill. >>> arlington police investigating two sexual assaults. on may 8 a woman was assaulted on north scott street. another woman was assaulted six days later just blocks away on wilson boulevard. police have released a composite sketch of the suspect. during each attack he was wearing a chef's-style jacket. >>> friends and family members morning loss of a local marine killed in afghanistan. corporal nicholas parada- rodriguez attended robert e. lee high school in fairfax county before enlisting. he was killed on sunday if by enemy fire. family living in stafford, virginia. they say he felt honored to fight for his country. >> he was very proud of what he was doing. >> he will always be in our hearts. always be remembered by not just the family but everybody who got to know him. >> he was born in el salvador. he on his second deployment to afghanistan. survived by his wife. >>> at least seven service members were injured in an attack on an air base in afghanistan. insurgents launched a brazen pre-dawn raid against the bagram airfield. at least 10 of the attackers were killed.
there could be more victims. for years. luis hoil coached soccer teams in arlington. he was a coach for students at gunston elementary school. a former player claims he sexually abused them. >> they were just surrounded and swarming the house. >> what were you thinking? >> i looked stunned. >> police searched his rented room inside this house in arlington recently. the search warrant says the boy would visit the suspect's home with other boys. they play video games, sometimes viewed pornographic videos, drank beer and smoked cigarettes. on several occasions, the victims spent the night alone. it was those nights he was persuaded to have sex while it was caught on camera. other nights the boy said he used two tapes. >> i am in shock. >> we talked to one parent who has a. a place for the soccer club. she says -- one. who has a child who plays for the soccer club. also in these court documents, teh boy says he saw other boys on the tapes having sex. the other day when the police searched his rented room in arlington they found a video camera, several tapes and pictures. police have not
in office. >> other than the arlington national cemetery wreath laying at 11:00 this morning, other local events include a 9:00 a.m. service at . >>> at #:00, there is a memorial day parade down constitution avenue. at 3:00, there will be a national moment of silence. ♪ god bless america, my home, sweet home &&. >> there was a huge crowd down on the mall yesterday for the national memorial day concert. kelly o'hara was one of several who performed. >>> motorcyclists revved up their engines for the annual rolling thunder ride through the nation's capital. they rode from the pentagon across the memorial bridge to the vietnam veterans memorial. event givers bikers a chance to honor servicemen and women who have died, prisoners of war and those missing in action. >>> another big story we are following on this monday morning. the obama administration and crews in the gulf are getting ready for things to get even worse. nearly sick week in and oil continues to spew out of the ruptured pipe. the white house energy czar says that bp latest effort to contain the spill could result in a 0% increa
. >>> a warning for women in arlington county. there has been a second sexual assault there. the same predator is responsible for both and is this a composite sketch of the person they are looking for. audrey barnes joins us live with new develops that police are looking into right now. audrey. >> anita, as you said, two attacks in a week. the most recent one was right here last friday night behind a row of restaurants on wilson boulevard. that's ironic, because police say in both of those attacks, the suspect was wearing a chef style jacket. police say a young woman was walking behind this row of restaurants friday night, just two blocks from the arlington county police department when she was grabbed from behind. the suspect restrained her with one hand and sexually assaulted her with the other. it was a crime of opportunity few in this area expected. >> yeah, i am surprised to hear this. >> seems like it is normally safe around here? >> yeah, there's people here all the time walking the streets and the metro is right over here. >> the woman was able to help police put together this com
. montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties in the low 50s. in the mountains miler air and milder to our south and west. that's a warm front that will try to drift our way but point be arriving until tonight, so the rest of the day near 50 on the eastern shore. it will stay chilly. in the last 12 hours we saw those showers come through. this hour low clouds and patchy drizzle and wet roads. patchy morning drizzle today, a little sun breaking out this afternoon but much cooler highs only in the low to mid-60s. tomorrow we warm up with a southwesterly breeze making it into the mid-80s. afternoon and evening thunderstorms are likely scattered around the region tomorrow afternoon and evening. setting the stage for a terrific weekend to follow, should be cooler and delightful with low humidity, sunshine on saturday and sunday, highs in the 70s. how is the traffic? >> as we get under way on a thursday morning very quiet. inner loop of the beltway, detour to i-66. at south van dorn street any overnight road work has been wrapped up. not to worry over in college park a very sedate start. inner loop an
montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties. general lly in the 60s around t region. showers in the midwest drifting our way later today. small chance. otherwise partly sunny, hazy, hot and humid. settling down wednesday, showers and thunder on wednesday. a look into the weekend in ten minutes. ashley, show you is the traffic? >> things are starting off quiet. no big surprises. telegraph road we're hearing about a big pothole. as far as volume around town, be hard pressed to find it. here's the pace out of springfield. brake lights heading away from us heading toward newington, off to good shape. no accidents the report right now. >>> thanks very much. 4:41 right now. still to come hurricane season has not even started and the first named storm the year is already causing major problems. the latest on agatha. >> some scary moments inside union station. what caused the train hub to be sh >>> this morning montgomery county police are looking for a missing woman. this is a picture of karin may riley. she has not been heard from since saturday evening. police don't know what she's been wearing.
are searching for a man who is preying on women in arlington. he first struck at an apartment complex on north scott street. his latest attack came on a busy section of wilson boulevard. this was tracee wilkins reporting. >> reporter: arlington county police say they have plenty of reason to believe they're looking for the same suspect in bok of these sexual assaults. they say they happened within the same month, within the same vicinity and in both instances, the victims described a very similar attacker. while there's no hard evidence connecting two recent sexual assaults in arlington, police strongly believe they are looking for one suspect. >> those attacks occurred in similar areas, the suspect was wearing a chef's jacket in both cases and the assaults were similar in nature. >> reporter: the first sexual assault and battery happened in the 1800 block of north scott street. a young woman walked into the poolhouse bathroom inside an apartment complex when police say she was confronted by a man who then forced her to the ground. she struggled and fled. in the 2,000 block of wilson boulevard
inticonstituciona l y alienta la discriminacion racial.. en arlington virginia un grupo de empresario presento un proyecto para reducir la violencia de las pandillas en el salvador ...jose angel aguirre nos tiene mas informacion de esta inovadora propuesta... trabajemos por la paz " basta ya" es el lema del proyecto social empresarial que la compaÑia rio grande y la organizacion salvadoreÑa fusal desea implementar en dos etapas para frenar la violencia y la extorsion de las pandillas en el oriente de el salvador la esencia del programa es rescatar a los mareros a los de pandilla de esa vida por que es la muerte la primera etapa es hacer conciencia atraves de grupos cristianos a los dos grupos de pandillas que controlan el pais centroamericano la ms 13 y la mara 18 .. los organizadores del proyecto confian que el modelo de paz realizado en ciudad peronia guatemala donde grupos rivales de pandilleros lograron la paz funcione en el oriente de el salvador hacerle un llamado a todas estas personas que estan envueltas en las ma
or incidents blocking your way from the 14 street bridge to triangle tonight. if you go into arlington, we want to warn you about the cross fire, still distracting traffic. this is the north persian drive between route 50 and crews will be out there clearing this for a while. expect half an hour for the 45- minute delay going through that part of arlington. that's a quick look at your compute. back to you. >> and topper is here with our 9news forecast first. i thought it was may. topper. >> yes, i always thought it was early april. you know, it feels like march tomorrow. here is your forecast first. for tonight, starting out clear. it's very nice right now. it'll be cool. increasing cloudiness, in the cool upper 30s in the suburbs. upper 40s downtown. winds are easterly at 10. and they keep us warmer than we would otherwise be. right now, 64 in national. 61 in gaithersburg. and 64 up in frederick. mainly in the mid to upper 60s across the metro area. we'll come back though and tell you what you're doing with your morning or the morning commute that will be wet or dry. >>> a smaller dome. well,
, and actually first to dc, this is arlington bridge. key bridge actually coming in from arlington to m street and georgetown. this is looking good. no problems reported in dc. and finally 395, a shot here. unusually slow actually going northbound to dc. no accidents that we can see here but southbound typical delays here and 95 is hour commute from fairfax county parkway to quantico. back to you. >> so much for friday light. >>> now the video that has everybody talking. this dance squad, are their moves a little too racy? you will have your chance to chime in. >>> plus -- >> i didn't think she was going to hit me for real. >> reporter: this young man says his teacher beat him relentlessly and now he and his family want justice. >>> topper you are on storm alert. >> severe thunderstorm warnings are in affect and for good reason. this storm has large hail with it around state highway 28 in virginia and near 645. around the chantilly area, south of 50, right where 50 and 28 cross. there's a tremendous amount of hail wit. strong, gusty winds and heavy rain. we will come back and track more storms
is enjoying in our area. boike on pennsylvania avenue in d.c. and arlington counties, linking up their bike sharing programs, creating the largest regional network in the country. >> i think in five or ten years, washington and arlington are going to be the premiere bike area on the east coast. >> reporter: bicycling has come a long way in the past couple of centuries from wooden wheels and saddles to titanium frames and metal al lows and most modern models. what needs to change a bit, yes, are attitudes, especially the relationship between bikers and motorists. such a respect that's got to be learned. you know, unfortunately, there's no way to do it but kind of work your way through it. >> kind of like the bicyclist attitude, where i have the road so get out of my way and the car drivers do the same thing, where you should be sharing the road. >> cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers with motor vehicles f you are going to be sharing space with cars it is your responsibility to follow all the same rules of the road the cars do. as long as they senate lanes designated f
county man died this week after arlington police officers shot him with a taser gun. friends are distraught over his death. it happened early friday morning at an apartment complex where his sister lives. she took him to the hospital earlier in the day because he was suffering from depression and midnight he was still having problems and they called 911. when he became combative, they shot him with the taser. >> shortly thereafter, they noticed that he was not breathe. >> i don't know why the police come to help us with the taser gun to take somebody to the hospital. he did not commit a crime. >> a similar incident happened at the pentagon city metro in january. that was after arlington county police shot him with a taser. and autopsy report is still not in on his death. >>> renovation work on the bay bridge is nearly done. and the final new deck segment was installed next week. they expect to remove temporary steel plates before the big memorial day weekend. new railings and electrical upgrades are done now as well. >>> baby panda wash at the national zoo is over for now. an
country. next hour the afghan leader will be at arlington national cemetery visiting the grave sites of u.s. troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. mr. karzai leaves the u.s. today after high-level talks. >>> here's something that caught our interest. the u.s. military considering giving medals to troops who show restraint in preventing civilian casualties. barbara starr is at the white house. what do we know about this proposal and isn't that the part of every man and woman's mission is to hold back from firing when not necessary? >> reporter: absolutely, kyra. it's called fire discipline on the battlefield. troops are trained very much to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. they are a big problem in afghanistan, of course. general stanley mcchrystal and staff are looking at the possibility of awarding medals to troops who show that on the battlefield. quote, in some situations our forces face in afghanistan, that restraint is an act of discipline and courage, not much different than those combat actions that merit awards for valor. we've talked to a number of troops who i must tell
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